Coparenting Therapy

Parents face special challenges as they grapple with separation, divorce and creating a plan that allows everyone to thrive. Co-parenting counseling allows parents, with the help of a third party, an opportunity to talk about the challenges of co-parenting and how they can create the best environment for their child. Parents can work through issues that are causing conflict in their co-parenting relationship, explore new ways of managing conflicts, and create parenting plans that keep children at the heart.

I am part of the team to help you and your family. Divorce attorneys, therapists and co-parent coaches can all agree that effective, realistic, and compassion-based shared-custody arrangements work well when both parents are responsive, proactive, cooperative, respectful, and agree on shared time with children, and manage their behavior and emotions, especially in front of their kids.

Decisions made when parents are emotionally overcharged are difficult for all parties involved. As a trained professional I frequently work in conjunction with the legal process. By helping co-parents manage the intense emotions that can be unleashed in the co-parent planning process I can be apart of a process that helps divorce attorneys help their clients come to a mutual resolution that is beneficial for the family. Coparenting Counseling helps extinguish some of the emotions that can get in the way of making the best parenting plan for the family, especially the children.

Co- Parenting topics are often:

  • Parental conflict and how it affects the child.
  • Encouraging and promoting positive communication between parents and the parent and child
  • Ideal situation for all things scheduling and communicating important information
  • Setting good boundaries and looking at exclusive decision-making in own parenting time
  • Expenses that are shared, how they are documented
  • Discussing and recognizing the issues and the impact of outside relationships like extended family, stepparents
  • Implementation of discipline, discussion of changes in schedule, exchanges, academics, healthcare, social activities and devices, extracurricular activities